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We are happy to see you here.


Our Subtractivist's group has invited you as a chosen one for Your contribution to music is one of valor and respect. There are not many of us left to carry forth the magical powers of rock music. Those gifted with this unworldly sense that foresaw a future that enlightened the past are a select few of which you belong.


The perils of civilization have always been one of wonderment. As a chosen one, stepping into the future is to step into the death of the ego, destroying what was once an energy guided by Earthly rules. This is no longer the case with the special powers of those in our group. We have an oath to remain true to the vapors that called upon us to spread their messages of hope through the shifting sands of time.


As a gift we have provided you with a special vinyl record. This album is an orb of sound that takes humans through the five stages of Earthly grief to prepare for celestial enlightenment. 


We hope that once you listen to the album you will partner with us and share it through your distribution network for future  generations to enjoy.




The Subtractivists

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