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Space And Other Things is Scot Sier's sophomore album created through a series of DIY experiments conducted by Sier while recording in Garageband on his laptop in his home studio. Released on vinyl, each side of the album represents a continuous reflection of life, death, and rebirth. The lyrical themes explored in Space And Other Things delve into various aspects of the human condition. Alienation, conflict, greed, social inequality, the passage of time, death, and spirituality are among the topics covered. Sier's father's passing, which occurred a month before the album's completion, greatly influenced the spiritual themes present in the music.


The album's eight tracks offer a narrative that touches upon the social conflicts of American life. It begins with the ethereal sounds of a Moog synthesizer and delves into the concept of space travel, particularly the notion of "Singularity" and the idea of wealthy individuals colonizing Mars. "LGBTQ" and "Newspaper Man" draw attention to the futility of social progress in the face of conservative censorship and emphasize the importance of accepting all individuals as equals under the Creator, as represented by the track "Refugee". Shifting focus to the prophecy of Chief Crazy Horse, "7 Generations" incorporates tribal beats and flute melodies to evoke hope for humanity to unite and protect Mother Earth while honoring the past. "Venus" examines the worshipping of celebrity and influencer culture, offering a critical analysis of capitalism and its mundane pursuits. The song features a catchy bridge that highlights the superficiality of society with the lyrics, "Plastic people, sexy brains, they hide out in the park. Little people kneel before them, candles in the dark". "The Actor" follows as a somber withdrawal, providing a soulful reprise with an avant-garde jazz feel. This track explores the duality of creative life and its impact on mental health.


The album concludes with "Memory In Time", a metaphorical representation of death. Written shortly after Sier's father's passing, this song emphasizes the spiritual quest for the meaning of life and promotes unity. The lyrics, "Who are we here, nothing but matter in the memory of time", encourage listeners to recognize the shared human traits that connect us all.


Space And Other Things is a deeply personal and thought-provoking album that reflects Scot Sier's exploration of societal issues, personal loss, and the search for spiritual meaning. Through its musical and lyrical journey, the album invites listeners to contemplate their own place in the world and consider the interconnectedness of humanity.

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