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Out April 25

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Featured Release
Newspaper Man Single

Desert rocker, Scot Sier is back with his second full-length album, "Space And Other Things" OUT April 25, 2023!


The truth is out there - it just depends on where you look for it. If you are searching for the answers to some serious questions about the world we live in today, then look no further than the "Newspaper Man", the newly released single by DUC artist, Scot Sier - available now! 


What lies at the intersection of glam, art and world-rock music? How can music speak for the masses? These are some of the questions that Scot Sier sought to answer on his forth-coming, “Space and Other Things” album available on April 25th. His reply took the form of a 8 song LP that invites the listener to ask questions such as, “Have you ever felt like an outsider, wondered what it would feel like to be chosen to colonize Mars, been forced to flee your war torn country? “


Part sonic exploration, part 70’s future-rock time capsule, this soon-to-be-released album features an all star guest lineup with the likes of Chris Chaney (Taylor Hawkins) on bass and Aaron Sterling (John Mayer) on drums. 

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